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Bursting from the bubbling underground club scene of Tel Aviv, Bauhaus Records is a forward thinking record label, an established series of club nights and events and a collective of artists.

Spearheaded by veteran tel-aviv underground originators Amichay Matyas and Yogo, Eran Hadar (Kwasi) and Shai 'Deluxe' Samana, Bauhaus Records provides a creative ground for a collective underground electronic producers & DJs, emphasising the art of organic & analog sound and down to earth music for dj’s and record collectors.

Nearly 20 years of experience in Tel-Aviv’s urban dance-floors, record shops raves and galleries enables them to cherry pick the hidden treasures and unknown local gems of their scene whose highly secretive to many others. Their Bauhaus label nights parties are renowned for being different than any other club night and they feature some of the most sought after djs and selectors in global dance music scene.

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